Our Mission:   Expressing Jewish Identity through the Arts. Connecting Artists and Communities and Promoting Inter-generational Education. Our Purpose: Embracing Jewish life more fully through the Arts. Our Vision: Exposing the vast creative gifts of diverse artists, making them accessible to the Jewish Community and general public. Encouraging the arts by connecting Individuals, Communities and Institutions with Teachers and Programs to meet collaborative needs.
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   “Betazlel is our example of the importance of the Arts in the midst of worshiping G-D. He was anointed by G-d (Exodus 31) to create the Mishkan (tent of meeting), and was a skilled craftsman who taught others. He administered the construction of the mishkan, and gathered trumah, gifts from the heart. He used fabrics, skins, gems, metals, wood, incense, and made garments. He had bread to present (showbread), the written Word on tablets of stone, and followed the script given him by G-d through Moses. As we follow his example, may G-d’s light shine through us, go before us, and rest upon and within us, leading us on as One.” Founder: Rev. Sandy Pond, LMT, Artist
Jewish Renewal revealed through the Hearts and Hands of Artists
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Art Makes the Heart Sing!
Click arrow for music complements of  Rabbi Shefa Gold, “Shir Delight!” CD: Uri tzafon, u’vo’I teyman, hafichi gani yizlu b’samav, Awake north wind, oh south wind come, Blow upon my garden and let its spices stream out.

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