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Sandy Pond Art
*Sandy Pond - Banners, Chuppot, Music Stand covers, Tallitot Multi-disciplined Sacred Artist. -  941-421-4313 Punta Gorda, Florida, 33950
*Gayle Gale - Healing Scarves Founder  and  Lead  Artist for  "Kids For Peace",  a  living, growing,  international, interactive, arts mural founded in 1995.  The KFP campaign is committed to using the  creative  process  to  transform  lives,  beautify  our  planet  and  nurture  the necessary  intergroup  cooperation needed  for worldwide peace and coexistence.  KFP  Workshops  and  Exhibitions:  The  United  Nations  in Geneva, Switzerland, Peru, Spain, Brazil. and Original Farmers Market Los Angeles. Awarded Certificate of Recognition  from  City of  Los Angeles 2014,  Fete d'Excellence Gold Medallion at  United Nations,  Geneva,  Switzerland  2001.  Site Specific  Public Art,  Murals, Healing Scarves, and Wearable Art. West Hollywood, California 90046
Gayle Gale Peace and Healing Arts
Jewish Renewal revealed through the Hearts and Hands of Artists
*Nancy Katz - Chuppot, Tallitot, Healing Scarves, Banners, Ark Curtains Nancy is an artist/educator who has been making art with Jewish communities for decades.  “As an artist, my work is about bringing color and light into the world.  As an educator, my goal is to empower others to take risks and to embrace their own creativity. As a Jew, my commitment is to celebrate life to its fullest, acknowledging the power of both Source and community.” Nancy has been painting on silk since 1992, creating ritual objects for personal and communal use. She now also works with her husband, Mark Liebowitz, designing stained glass windows for synagogues and other spaces.  Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 01370
Nancy Katz  
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*Shonna Husbands-Hankin, Judaica, Workshops, Commissions Workshops include: Creativity as a spiritual path (rekindling your soul through music, art, storytelling, prayer and meditation); Judaic Art, creating sacred space for Healing and Renewal; Judaic Art classes; and Jewish Spiritual Guidance sessions. For over 30 years I’ve been blessed to create Jewish ritual art for lifecycle ceremonies and communal spaces using Jewish Spiritual tradition with innovative contemporary design and feminist vision in a soulful expression integrating spirit, art and Judaism.  I work closely with clients to create beautiful, meaningful pieces that honor personal symbols and journeys, creating colorful tallitot, ketubot, chuppot, paintings, ceramics, Torah coverings, cards and banners.   541-484-6053   Eugene, Oregon 97405
Shonna Husbands-Hankin
*Susan J. Katz - The Compassionate Oboe: Sacred Words, Music, Garments The Healing Arts of Pastoral Consultation, Sacred Music and Language, and Fabrics all come together through the offerings creatively presented by Susan J Katz. Susan is a Jewish and Multi-faith Chaplain offering personal as well as group programs for spiritual growth and life transitions through counseling, writing and storytelling. With over 30 years of experience,  she tutors Torah reading  and  Biblical  Hebrew  skills. She  creates  and  offers  instrumental  Sacred  Music  for  Jewish  and  Multi-faith services,  holidays,  celebrations  and  memorials.  Susan  also  creates  fine  hand- sewn Tallitot of natural silks, wool and organic cotton, even solid white with tekhelet tzitziot fringes. Vancouver BC V5L2H4